DEPT Agency Launches Metaverse Practice

  • Dept produced a unique 3D virtual environment for the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2021, a multi-award-winning production.
  • In September 2021, collaborated with Journee to create the first-ever Meta Festival, which drew over 4,000 visitors to the Metapolis environment to hear speeches from digital pioneers.
  • November 2021, based on top of the Algorand blockchain. Dept also revealed that, in collaboration with Merit Circle, it is developing a novel NFT gaming platform that will fulfill the diverse demands of players.

Following the introduction of the first open-source, white-label solution for starting an NFT marketplace, the inaugural Meta Festival in September, and the completion of tens of Web3 client projects, the global digital agency Dept has recently announced the creation of a dedicated Metaverse Practice.

Dept is presently collaborating with many worldwide companies in fashion, entertainment, and commerce, and will be releasing a variety of initiatives in the next weeks ranging from immersive experiences to NFT markets.

Over the past year, we’ve been experimenting with Web3 technologies to really get under the skin of how our clients could maximize its potential,“ said Dimi Albers, CEO of Dept. “Brands now have the opportunity to build fully immersive, 3D worlds from the ground up, and leverage them to develop customer experiences like we’ve never seen before. With our dedicated Metaverse Practice, we are able to build the bridge between the CMO and CTO. We see it as a creative opportunity akin to the first-ever websites; we’re at the dawn of a new digital age.

Dept’s expertise in blockchain-enabled, decentralized apps, augmented reality, crypto assets, and data, combined with its tremendous creative marketing force in the realm of immersive experiences, gives companies the potential to reimagine how they connect with customers.

Dept has also stated that in June 2022, it would host a 24-hour Meta Festival, uniting all parts of the globe in the largest Meta Festival to date.

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