Web2 adoption is the key to metaverse adoption, says Sam Seo


  • Though adapting Web3 technologies to Web2 platforms isn’t easy, it can do wonders in terms of mass adoption.
  • Common people hesitate to use new technology from unknown brands.
  • To encourage adoption of common people, gas prices will be reduced.

Klaytn Foundation‘s director Sam Seo thinks that integrating technology in the products and services of Web2 companies can fuel the adoption of the metaverse.  

During the Korea Blockchain Week, he shared that Web3 metaverse projects face problems when it comes to attracting the conventional audience. This is because common people are usually uncertain when it comes to trying or using a new technology, especially from a brand or company they have no idea about.

In his statement, Seo said:

If new ideas are combined with Web2 platforms like [social media app] Kakao, especially in South Korea, there’s accessibility to these new ideas for new services that could be easier than just starting from scratch.

Klaytn’s blockchain hosts GameFi, metaverse and creator economy apps. Also, it is among South Korea’s largest projects. 

Seo shared that the team is expecting to scale the transaction besides reducing the transaction fees.

Adding on, he explained that people are unsure about utilizing the platform, as they need to pay. This is why gas fees should be at the lowest possible, as it will enable them to step into the area. With this perspective, they are trying to lower the gas cost. 

Klaytn will launch an open-source metaverse package containing tools that will help builders to promote development on the blockchain.