Disney to hire corporate lawyer for evolving technologies and NFTs


  • The role majorly involves legal advice on the entire product life cycle and support for worldwide NFT products.
  • The professional must abide with all existing laws and regulations on both the U.S. soil and globally.
  • The company is moving into the metaverse, cryptocurrency and blockchain; thus, needs someone to lead the new role diligently.

Soon we might see the Walt Disney Company growing into the crypto world based on the new job posted by the firm for the profile of ‘experienced corporate attorney’ who will work on evolving technologies like the metaverse and NFTs.

On September 23, the company listed on its careers website about hiring for a “Principal Counsel — Corporate Transactions, Emerging Technologies & NFTs” and work on transactions that involve the metaverse, decentralized finance or DeFi, NFTs and blockchain.

Walt Disney is majorly looking for someone to offer legal advice for the overall product life cycle as well as help with NFT products worldwide. 

Some other responsibilities are due diligence for blockchain, cloud provider projects, NFT and third-party marketplace. Suggesting consistent legal advice in matters related to cryptocurrency and digital currency besides guiding the company’s efforts in terms of evolving technologies are also a part of the job role. 

On November 21, during the fourth-quarter earnings call, Bob Chapek, CEO of the company, shared that they are on their way to merge digital and physical assets in the metaverse.

In the next few weeks, the firm filed a patent for a “virtual-world simulator” with indication of a valuable theme-park metaverse.

In accordance with the patent application, Disney’s move into the metaverse would allow visitors access to theme parks via mobile phones to create and side-by-side project personalized 3D effects onto walls and any other nearby physical spaces or objects.

Reportedly, there were no such plans of utilizing the virtual-world simulator patent at the time, which seems to change now with the recent job listing. 

In the 2022 Disney Accelerator Program, the company shifted all its focus on NFTs, AR and AI and picked six ‘growth-stage’ firms to take advantage of its business development medium.

This year, selected companies for the program are Polygon and two Web3 projects- Lockerverse, a Web3 platform to link creators & brands and Flickplay, a Web3 app that enables users to explore NFTs through AR.

In July, Today NFT News reported when Disney began for startups focused on NFT and Metaverse.