NFT and Metaverse Trademark Application has been Launched by Irish Distillers


  • Mike Kondoudis said that international had registered a patent for whisky production.
  • Their shops will sell virtual retail products.
  • There will be all products either alcoholic or nonalcoholic.

Mike Kondoudis tweeted that Irish Distillers International has registered a patent for Jameson whisky, alleging intentions for production. Virtual apparel, footwear, and alcoholic beverages Trading programme for NFT, NFTs + virtual goods stores, NFT trading platforms, Digital bars and restaurants.

Highlighted in the tweet, Irish Distillers are offering:

Shops that sell virtual products, retail, and retail stores that sell NFT;

Virtual markets for buyers and sellers of virtual products, network tokens, virtual currencies, NFTs, electronic content, data photos, and web content are provided;

Running a digital bar or restaurant that provides virtual drinks and food;

Virtually all alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquids, food, apparel, shoes, headwear, sunglasses, and luggage are available.

Irish Distillers produces the world’s most popular and profitable Irish whiskies. Their products, led by Jameson, are spearheading the worldwide rebirth of Irish whisky. Apart from a few minor Irish whisky brands that use spirit distilled at Bushmills or Midleton, as well as the own-label Bushmills whiskies, the bulk of famous brands, including Redbreast, Green Spot, Midleton, and Jameson, are controlled by one corporation: Irish Distillers.