Bored & Hungry restaurant denies claims of not accepting crypto


  • Many reports said that Bored & Hungry has stopped accepting crypto, which turned out to be fake news.
  • The Co-founder of the restaurant confirmed accepting crypto payments.
  • Bored & Hungry is the first food joint to accept digital payments.

Bored & Hungry, the popular eatery that made headlines for accepting crypto payment, ran into an unpleasant experience when fake news about it started doing the rounds.

According to the fake news, the eatery was reported to stop accepting crypto. Putting the false news to rest, the Bored Ape restaurant made an announcement on its Twitter account.

It was reported that upon taking pride in becoming the first to allow customers to pay through a digital currency, Bored & Hungry stopped accepting crypto owing to the crash in exchange for food and beverages.

Co-founder of Bored & Hungry, Andy Nguyen, cleared that the news is fake, and they do and would continue to accept ETH & ApeCoin at their store. Understanding the severity of the matter, he made an announcement on Twitter mentioning the same.

Not just one or two but various reports featured that NFT-themed restaurant, Bored & Hungry shuts down crypto payments.

Launched in April, the fast-food restaurant accepts both dollars and digital money payments. It has welcomed crypto during its first launch in Long Beach and, since then, has been giving customers the freedom to pay through digital money.