Red Bull Files Metaverse Related Trademarks

  • Red Bull might end up blowing the doors wide open for extreme sports by going metaverse.
  • They are willing to provide the fans with more than just wings as they follow the Red Bull F1 Racing Team deal along with Bybit.
  • As bigger names are entering the Metaverse, this year could be the year for those big names.

It was reported that Red Bull has filed for trademarks related to Metaverse. This filing could open the doors for several sports fans to give them an opportunity to enter virtual sports events.

F1 Oracle Red Bull racing signed a five-year deal with Bybit, a crypto exchange. This took place last month. Red Bull Racking is looking forward to engaging a number of fans by issuing several Red Bull Racing fans tokens. They have been walking towards the path of some of the world’s famous football teams, such as Barcelona.

Bybit crypto exchange is capable of tracking the world’s largest platforms, such as FTX, Binance, Cronos, etc. in order to raise brand awareness via sports.

As of now, Mike Kondoudis, trademark attorney, has announced Red Bull’s plans to enter the Metaverse.

The filings have suggested that Red Bull will most probably enter the Metaverse and will enable the fans to buy clothes, drinks, and equipment that are sponsored by Red Bull.

As for the Red Bull fans that will enter the Metaverse, will have access to Red Bull crypto which will enable them to buy goods and services.

When it comes to sports, Red Bull is a major sponsor and has sponsored NASCAR, Soccer, Basketball, and F1.

For all the extreme fans of sports, Metaverse will enable the fans to interact with athletes and show in the events as well as be active virtually at Red Bull’s extreme sports. There’s no end to the opportunities as we know them.

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