The Sandbox partners with PlayboyNFTs to create ‘MetaMansion’


  • Playboy’s collaborates with The Sandbox to create ‘MetaMansion’ experience.
  • Owners of this metaverse will gain access to special experiences in Playboy’s metaverse.
  • Playboy’s Chief Brand Officer is excited to invite ‘Rabbitar community’ and The Sandbox LAND owners.

The iconic Playboy brand collaborates with the famous The Sandbox to create a metaverse namely, “MetaMansion”.

Playboy’s “MetaMansion” features gaming, social play, events and digital collectibles releases leveraging its gigantic content library, incorporating its talent and influencer network, and bringing its fashion styles and live experiences into the world of the metaverse.

This unique collaboration is cast upon Playboy’s work in Web3. In 2021, Playboy officially made an entry in the Web3 space with its NFT drop ‘Liquid Summer’, by reimagining and creating from Playboy’s vast archive content. This collection was done in collaboration with the talented artist Slimesunday, and interestingly, it sold out in under three minutes.

Playboy launched ‘Playboy Rabbitars’, its first major NFT collectibles project, in October 2021. Proud owners of this ‘Playboy Rabbitars’ collection and even The Sandbox LAND will get special access to unique experiences in Playboy’s branded experience in Themeta verse of The Sandbox!

Playboy’s Chief Brand & Strategy Officer, Rachel, elaborates on how excited they are to work with The Sandbox and also be a part of the process of creating and developing its premium Playboy gaming experience in the Metaverse. She further states that they can’t wait to invite the global Playboy fanbase, the ‘Rabbitar community’, and The Sandbox LAND owners, into this new immersive Playboy metaverse experience. 

All the users and holders can now join the Playboy MetaMansion Discord to keep themselves updated about “MetaMansion”.