Renault launches its very first industrial Metaverse


  • The well-established mobility brand Renault is launching its industrial Metaverse in the heat of moving towards a digital approach.
  • The industrial Metaverse has four dimensions: Mass Data Collections, various technological advancements, Digital Proces Twins and the supply chain ecosystem.
  • The brand has estimated to generate € 320 Million, including €260 Million in Inventory Savings through its industrial Metaverse.

Renault is a renowned mobility brand and has been a pioneer for Electric Vehicles in Europe. With its strategic plans to move towards the digital world, the brand is reaching a new stage and is launching its very first industrial Metaverse. Moreover, the Metaverse estimates that by 2025, it will generate € 320 Million, including €260 Million in Inventory Savings.

The industrial Metaverse is also set to witness a 50% reduction in carbon footprint and a 60% reduction in vehicle delivery time and would see a 60% reduction in warranty-based cases that target the Renaults Group. 

The industrial Metaverse is based on four dimensions: Digital Process Twins, Mass Data Collection, Connecting the Supply Chain Ecosystem and a set of advanced technologies. Renault’s Metaverse is a genuine replica of the natural world which can be controlled in real-time. 

Through the Metaverse, Renault intends to develop an exquisite data-capturing solution in a standardized manner. The Metaverse has further modelled physical assets into digital twins where each factory replicates Metaverse, and each supply chain has its digitized version with an extended ecosystem. 

Renault’s group is set to constitute a constant and persistent reality-based metaverse. The group believes that Metaverse provides qualified supervision, which increases the agility and adaptability of industrial functions.