Another Star Enters NFT, Patrick Renna Files Trademark


  • Patrick Renna has filed trademarks for HAMBINO and his iconic pose in the movie.
  • He filed the trademark on May 20, 2022.
  • Renna aims offering HAMBINO-branded- NFT-based trading cards, clothing and Baseballs and baseball bats.

American actor, Patrick Renna, popularly known for his role as Ham Porter in the sports comedy, The Sandlot has filed trademarks for HAMBINO and his iconic pose in the movie on 20 May. With the trademark, Renna has plans to offer HAMBINO-branded- NFT-based trading cards, clothing, Baseballs, and baseball bats.

Trademark attorney announced the update on his Twitter handle:

A number of celebrities have taken the entrepreneurial path by entering the NFT marketplace. Each day, there’s an addition to celebrity name that files a trademark application and intends to use it to either taste success in the business world or promote entertainment services.

Patrick Renna’s entry into the NFT world is another example that shows how our entertainment stars are not limited to their present profession and have strong knowledge about the potential of NFTs. Though the marketplace is experiencing growth in popularity with time, entry of stars into it will add more to the power of NFTs, blockchain, and metaverse.