NFT Revolution Will Be Driven by Ledger’s Curated Art Collection


  • The Ledger NFT Art Collection was unveiled during Art Basel Miami and consists of a constantly expanding collection of NFT artworks that have been selected by the organization’s chief of staff Jean-Michel Pailhon.
  • Ledger will curate the collection to include both the most talented painters as well as budding NFT artists.
  • The first collection, created by some of the most gifted artists in the area, is displayed in a special Deca.Art exhibition. Names like Ruben Wu, Jenni Pasanen, Fcvkrender, Erick “Snowfro,” OSF, and numerous others are among the artists.

Ledger, its OP3N event, is scheduled to take place in Paris from December 6 to December 7. Numerous activations, discussions, and networking opportunities with some of the most talented and creative people in the industry will be included at the event. For those who are unable to attend in person, Ledger will also be hosting portions of the event via livestream on Twitter.

The debut exhibition, which was unveiled at Art Basel Miami, includes pieces by artists including Ruben Wu, Jenni Pasanen, Fcvkrender, Erick “Snowfro,” OSF, and others. Ledger, which is best known for helping bitcoin owners protect their own funds, has quickly expanded into the larger realm of Web3 and digital assets.

Its recent success has been largely attributed to its capacity to change and adapt swiftly as technology advances, as well as to its strategic and imaginative partnerships. Ledger is currently focused on the NFT market, particularly in the field of the arts. It unveiled an opening exhibition of its corporately curated art collection to get things going.

Pailhon said that he thinks the collection is here to stay and that, in three, five, ten, and twenty years, it will “become one of the most significant of our times.”According to Pailhon, who was explaining the curation process, “We will be looking for NFT art that complies with the following intrinsic value criteria: provenance, representativeness, scarcity, completeness, interpretive potential, and capacity to inform us about and build bridges between the past and current times.”

We will regularly speak about our likes, the NFT artworks we commission, the ones we collect, and why we think they are important for the present and the future of (digital) art, he continued. We want to help create a future in which digital artists can freely share their works with the public and where people of all creative backgrounds can connect with one another without boundaries.

Even though it is only the first step in Ledger’s ambition to “fuel an NFT revolution,” the collection serves as more than just a selection of excellent artworks.