Trump announces launch of his second round digital trading cards, mockery follows


  • Donald Trump’s second batch of NFTs represent him in several ways ranging from being a hunter to carrying a championship pro wrestling belt, wearing firefighting gear to more.
  • The former President shared that he kept the price the same as the last round to ensure his supporters and fans make money.
  • Prices of Trump’s previous collection have dropped to more than 50%.

Donald Trump announced yesterday, i.e. April 18, the launch of his second round of superhero-style digital trading cards each with his cartoonish image available for $99 apiece. Being a 2024 GOP candidate, he is looking forward to increasing his capital and improving his base after his iconic indictment this month. 

Surprisingly, just like the previous collection, the new collection has also become the topic of laughter and gossip. 

The “Series 2” digital cards became available on April 18 with the former President taking to his social media platform Truth Social to mention the reason behind the recent launch being nothing but the immense success of the previous round in December. 

However, the prices of the first round NFTs have fallen sharply with the total supply being more than double. The digital playing cards were announced on Trump’s Instagram and Facebook accounts as well. 

The latest collection represents Trump playing-card king-of-hearts, carrying a sword and showing a heart sign with his hands besides him looking rock-and-roll in a leather suit and sunglasses. One image even shows him hot dogs and hamburgers with American flag pins.

Certain cards will be unique which means a buyer will be the sole owner with a copy. On the other hand, remaining cards will have limited edition sets and there won’t be more than 10 copies of any single card.

The announcement also included a sweepstakes program to provide an opportunity for a private dinner at his Mar-a-Lago Florida estate for those who purchase 47 cards, which cost a total of $4,653.

47,000 digital cards were minted on Polygon this week in the second batch with 46,000 out of them available for sale on Each customer can buy up to 47 digital cards per provided they use a credit card in the transaction. Those who make the purchase via cryptocurrency can buy up to 100 cards.