Trump NFT sales slumps over 99% from the peak as trading demand slips


  • Donald Trump’s official NFT trading cards registered the lowest sales on Sunday, 99% lower than the December peak.
  • The number of buyers slipped from over 3,000 to just 28 as of Sunday.
  • Holders who bought on the secondary market at or near the peak of the hype might face diminishing resale demand.

It seems like the Donald Trump NFT mania is about to get over and was really short-lived, as the sales have nearly vanished. It’s not much time since the official NFT trading cards were launched to a majorly bewildered response, even from his own supporters. Well, the subsequent hype was sizable but short-term. 

The NFT trading card project has fallen to new lows as the trading demand for the card continues to diminish. In accordance with the data revealed by CryptoSlam, the secondary market trading volume for the Trump Digital Trading Cards hit a new daily low of just over $21k on Sunday. 

As per the data, the largest single-day tally for the project so far this year sits close to $33k on January 5. Sunday’s tally reveals a slump of over 99% in daily volume for the project from the peak day on December 17. On December 17, over $3.5 million worth of NFTs were traded following the original primary sale. 

That date marked over 2,000 distinct buyers and over 3,300 distinct buyers on December 16 as the prices started to surge. However, on Sunday, it was reported that just 28 unique buyers were there across 98 total transactions. A similar thing has happened to the prices, and they, too, have fallen drastically since the peak. 

The floor price has slipped from a high of about 0.84 ETH, equivalent to $995 on December 17, to just 0.16 ETH or $215 today. Well, that still stands over double the original mint price of $99, representing a potential profit for users who bought one of the digital cards during the primary sale. 

As for the NFT collection, it spans 45,000 digital cards showing the one-time leader in a fantastical cosplay dressed up as a superhero, astronaut, or cowboy. It should be noted that the project managed to sell out 44k of the NFTs within just 24 hours, generating over $4 million from the primary sale, with the other 1,000 collectibles held back by the creators.