Candy Digital unveils Series A1 fundraising event


  • The funding supports the company’s objectives to provide crypto asset services.
  • Funding will help companies and organizations worldwide as well as enhance Web3 performance.
  • Candy Digital’s Series A1 funding came after the company signed a number of new partnerships.

Candy Digital, which was founded in 2021 with the goal of improving through the creation of electronic collectibles and adventures, will keep building and extending its flagship virtual products. Candy will boost the evolution of its system, tools, and interface possibilities with a focus on web3 capability through a collaboration with ConsenSys Mesh and ConsenSys, both experts in Ethereum blockchain technology and decentralized standards. 

Candy Digital has swiftly established itself as a premier digital collectible NFT company, with a dedicated client base, cutting-edge technology infrastructure, and a great partnership platform that will allow the system to develop sustainably.

The digital collectibles company tweeted on January 5, 2023, that they created it for the audience. They have taken the next step in their mission with funding led by some fantastic web3 partners such as Galaxyhq, ConsenSysMesh, and ConsenSys.

Moreover, Candy Digital CEO Scott Lawin stated that during times of market turbulence, Candy’s ability to supply organizational goods and services to our sports, media, and cultural clients and collaborators is essential. 

The NFT company is committed to redefining the audience in a web-3 world and is excited to lead the market into its next stage of development. They are excited to continue scaling their network, form new collaborations with prominent brands and organizations, and establish strong virtual products for all clients in the current environment.

Candy Digital’s Series A1 fundraising comes after the firm secured a number of new agreements. Earlier this year, Candy Digital chose to extend its cooperation with Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Player Association.

Moreover, Candy Digital’s success in introducing NFTs into popular society through sports and entertainment made it a simple option to collaborate with them throughout this next stage of expansion. 

They think that this partnership will be a driving factor in allowing artists, gamers, and fans to take control of their financial, creative, and governmental agencies in an increasingly decentralized, community-centric world economy, as 2023 will be a breaking year for Web3.

Candy Digital is an innovative technology company that offers fully licensed, premium digital collectibles that connect individuals to their passions. Candy operates digital collectable ecosystems in which collectors may purchase, trade, and exchange genuine digital art in order to fuel their enthusiasm for sports, media, and culture.