Donald Trump Mocked NFT Collections selling Erotic NFTs


  • Trump is mocked as a cowboy, superhero, and more in the NFT collection.
  • 45,000 Trump collector’s editions were sold for $99 each.
  • Trump’s first NFT sale brought in more than $4 million and managed to sell out in under 24 hours.

According to the research, the online persona behind Trump’s mocked NFT collectibles also deals in obscene art. The one-term president was represented as a warrior, cowboy, astronomer, and helicopter pilot in his highly criticized non-fungible token collections

They were purchased via the Trump Deployer profile on the NFT trading website OpenSea, which purportedly also traded other digital collectibles.

Mr. Trump was mocked for making a “big announcement” about his NFT collection. However, all 45,000 Trump trading cards that were on offer for $99 on December 17th sold out, generating $4.5 million.

According to OpenSea statistics, the TrumpDeployer profile has sold 14 sensuous NFTs since it was created last month. It’s unclear who runs the TrumpDeployer account, but Mr. Donald Trump has been effusive in his support for the NFTs that include him. The TrumpDeployer profile has exchanged many NFTs with the Freiburg account, which offers “erotical art” portraying nude women and intense intimacy.

He didn’t see it as an expenditure. He thought they were cute. People are receiving these really lovely and engaging ideas for $99, and he saw it as a lot more than an NFT.

According to OpenSea statistics, the cheapest price for Trump Trading Cards shortly after it was bought out on December 17 was 0.84 ETH, or roughly ten times the first sale price of $990. On December 29, certain Trump NFT collections were trading for 0.15 ETH, or around $180, on OpenSea.

Trump’s debut NFT sale generated over $4 million and sold out in less than 24 hours. So far, the initiative has produced around $9.8 million in secondary trade activity, with Trump’s team receiving a 10% share of transactions made through markets that recognize creator rights.