Three Standout Moments from Donald Trump’s ‘Mugshot’ NFT Gathering


  • Donald Trump pledges to create a better regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies, aiming to remove barriers imposed by current authorities.
  • Trump claims his ‘Mugshot’ NFT series has reinvigorated the NFT market, with attendees purchasing these NFTs for over $4,653 to gain event access.
  • Remarks on a Biden-inspired meme coin led to unexpected market surges, demonstrating Trump’s impact on crypto valuations.

Donald Trump, the former U.S. President, made headlines again as he hosted an event for nonfungible token (NFT) enthusiasts at his residence in Florida this Wednesday. The gathering underscored Trump’s increasing involvement with digital assets, including his series of ‘Mugshot’ NFTs, which have recently rejuvenated interest in the market.

During the event, Trump promised a favorable regulatory environment for cryptocurrency businesses, aiming to mitigate the current administration’s perceived hostility. He assured attendees that under his influence, the U.S. would foster innovation in the crypto space. “We’ll stop it because I don’t want that,” Trump declared, emphasizing his commitment to keep crypto entrepreneurs stateside and thrive under his proposed policies.

Trump also took credit for revitalizing the NFT market, boasting that his involvement and his NFT collections, including the ‘Mugshot’ series, had reignited interest in the sector. Each attendee had secured their spot at this exclusive dinner by purchasing one of these NFTs, priced at a steep $4,653 or more, demonstrating the significant investment and interest his endorsements can generate.

In a moment that caught the attention of both supporters and critics, Trump critiqued a meme coin inspired by Joe Biden, referred to as BODEN, which he mocked for its valuation, yet inadvertently caused its value to spike. Contrastingly, a Trump-themed meme coin saw an even larger increase, surging nearly 110% following his remarks. These fluctuations highlight the influential power of Trump’s endorsements in the crypto market.

Trump’s event not only spotlighted his continued influence in political and financial spheres but also highlighted the volatile interplay between politics and the burgeoning field of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. As these digital assets continue to intersect with mainstream recognition, the implications of such high-profile endorsements are likely to ripple through the markets, affecting investors and regulations alike.