Elon Musk’s tweet surges Milady meme coins’ value by 5,250%


  • LADYS’ market cap has exceeded $140 million after an instant increase in popularity.
  • Token developers believe that the token is useless but investors foresee its potential.
  • Several cryptocurrency exchanges listed LADYS on May 11.

On May 11, Milady (LADYS) NFT collection jumped around 5,250% within only 24 hours to trade at $0.0000001528. A day before, i.e., on May 10, Elon Musk’s tweet spiked the Milady NFT collection’s floor price, as reported by Today NFT News.

Token developers claim that LADYS doesn’t share any relations with Charlotte Fang, the creator of Milady. They share that LADYS is a memecoin that lacks intrinsic value and shouldn’t be considered as something with hopes of financial return. Also, there’s neither a formal team nor a roadmap. In a nutshell, the coin serves no purpose beyond entertainment. 

However, investors believe that LADYS includes more than just meme value. Currently, the overall market capitalization of the token has increased by more than $140 million, with a 24-hour trading volume of $230 million. 

The official website of the token mentions that LADYS’ entire supply is 888 trillion. The website also states that 94% of the tokens were sent to the liquidity pool. Moreover, LP tokens were burned, and the contract was rejected. 

The token was available only on Uniswap until earlier this week. However, several crypto exchanges listed it on May 11; thereby, adding to its popularity. Furthermore, Bybit even offered LADYS prize pools to stimulate deposits. On the other hand, other exchanges, such as Bitget, are sticking to the meme aspect of LADYS and supporting its listing decision. 

Milady’s recent tweet clarified that LADYS is the tokenization of the completely optimized white pill. A self-organized meme coin and a drip currency, LADYS is the point for charm, karma, and beauty.