Landmark NFT Lawsuit Against Shaquille O’Neal Takes Significant Turn


  • A federal class-action lawsuit against Shaquille O’Neal has been amended.
  • The Moskowitz Law Firm, which is also leading other crypto-related lawsuits, represents the lead plaintiff in the case.
  • The lawsuit claims the value of the Astrals project was almost entirely tied to O’Neal’s celebrity status.

The legal landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is reaching a pivotal moment. Last week, a federal class-action lawsuit against basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal took a significant turn. An amended 111-page complaint has been filed, accusing O’Neal of violating securities laws related to his Solana-based NFT project, Astrals.

Lead attorney Adam Moskowitz, from The Moskowitz Law Firm, described the update as a monumental development. His firm is also leading other crypto-related class action lawsuits, including cases against Voyager and FTX. The lead plaintiff, appointed by District Judge Federico Moreno, now essentially controls the case representing all investors. This adds a fresh layer of gravity to the unfolding legal drama.

The new filing doubles down on the initial allegations. It includes now-deleted videos and tweets, claiming O’Neal was in frequent contact with the Astral team. Moskowitz stressed that this updated complaint offers extensive evidence of personal involvement by O’Neal, his business partners, and their sons in the Astrals project.

According to the complaint, the project’s value was almost entirely dependent on O’Neal’s celebrity clout. Yet, his association with the project mysteriously waned following the collapse of crypto exchange FTX last November. The case points to O’Neal’s last post in the Astral Discord community—a GIF from “The Wolf of Wall Street,” claiming, “I’m not fucking leaving”—as a perplexing swan song.

As NFTs continue to straddle the line between digital assets and collector’s items, the question of legal responsibility becomes even more pressing. O’Neal’s sudden detachment from the Astrals community has left investors puzzled and looking for answers. The lawsuit marks one of the first major legal challenges against celebrity-endorsed digital assets, setting a precedent for the future of NFTs and celebrity involvement.

This lawsuit brings much-needed attention to the regulatory grey area surrounding NFTs and could serve as a harbinger for future legal battles in the rapidly evolving digital asset space.