Disney Announces New Digital Collectibles Platform in Partnership with Dapper Labs, Featuring Star Wars and Pixar Themes


  • Disney has partnered with Dapper Labs, known for NBA Top Shot, to create Disney Pinnacle, a platform for digital collectibles as NFTs.
  • Unlike NBA Top Shot’s web-based platform, Disney Pinnacle is designed with a mobile-first strategy, aligning with current trends in digital experiences.
  • The popular physical collector pins at Disney theme parks inspire the concept.

Disney and Dapper Labs, known for NBA Top Shot, have announced a new venture, Disney Pinnacle. This platform brings the thrill of Disney’s iconic characters and stories into the digital realm as NFTs. Leveraging the technology behind NBA Top Shot, Disney Pinnacle will offer exclusive digital collectibles inspired by beloved Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars characters, all minted on the Flow blockchain.

Disney’s physical pins, a collector’s delight at their theme parks, inspire this innovative venture. Characters like Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Disney Princesses, and Darth Vader will be the first to feature in this digital collectibles ecosystem. However, Marvel characters will not be included at the launch.

Disney Pinnacle stands out for its mobile-first approach, distinct from Top Shot’s web-originated platform. This strategy aligns with the growing trend of mobile-focused digital experiences. The platform promises a balanced economy, catering to casual fans and serious collectors with its digital assets.

Ridhima Kahn of Dapper Labs played a pivotal role in bridging Disney and Dapper Labs, leading to this collaboration. Dapper Labs’ expertise, showcased in the success of NBA Top Shot and the development of the Flow blockchain, positions them as a leader in the NFT and digital collectibles space.

This announcement signals a rejuvenation in the NFT market, hinting at more sophisticated and user-friendly platforms in the pipeline. Disney Pinnacle is set to gradually welcome users, starting with a waitlist, ensuring a polished and tested user experience before its full-scale launch.

The collaboration between Disney and Dapper Labs illustrates the evolving landscape of digital collectibles. It marks a significant step in bringing mainstream entertainment into the blockchain world, offering a new way for fans to connect with their favorite characters and stories. Disney Pinnacle is poised to become a new destination for Disney enthusiasts and NFT collectors, encapsulating Disney’s magic in a modern, digital format.