NFT platform Fractal, developed by Twitch’s Justin Kan, expands into Polygon


  • Fractal, developed by Twitch Co-Founder Justin Kan, is expanding into the Polygon network to boost accessibility.
  • The expansion will help Fractal focus on user acquisition and provide the blockchain tooling and financial infrastructure.
  • Fractal stands true to its mission of relentlessly supporting Web3 game developers with whatever they require to build the future of gaming.

In a recent announcement, it was revealed that the game-related NFT platform, Fractal, developed by the Co-Founder of Twitch, Justin Kan, is expanding into the Polygon Network in order to boost accessibility. 

In a press release, the firm revealed that the expansion into Polygon would help it focus on user acquisition and provide the financial infrastructure and blockchain tooling required to stimulate successful game development. 

Fractal’s F Studio product suite will now offer a launchpad based on Polygon, a developer SDK, a marketplace, tournaments, a game launcher, and sign-in with Fractal service. What’s more to the key takeaway is the fact that Polygon Labs will be making an unspecified strategic investment in Fractal in order to help in the expansion of its services. 

Robin Chan, the Co-Founder of Fractal, recently released a statement that revealed Fractal’s mission to extend support to the Web3 game developers with each and everything they require in order to facilitate the construction of the future of gaming. 

Adding further to his statement, Chan said that they are putting the framework in place, from user acquisition to blockchain tooling to financial infrastructure, so that they can lay an emphasis on successful game development. 

Well, this move marks yet another development for Polygon as it brings new projects and big firms into the ecosystem. The leading blockchain recently partnered with Reddit, Nike, and Starbucks, and all the partnerships have been incredibly successful. 

Moreover, last month, the blockchain did manage to lure away one of the top NFT projects from Solana, y00ts, with a $3 million grant.