Kanye West Files 17 Trademark Applications for NFT & Metaverse


  • Kanye West appears to be heading into the Web3 space with 17 trademark applications.
  • He plans to launch YEEZUS-branded amusement parks, NFT’s, toys and more.
  • NFT space is dominated by a number of popular celebrities.

Upon dismissing Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) in January, Kanye West is now in a mood to enter the space, as per his new filed trademark applications. A total of 17 trademark applications have been filed by West’s Mascotte Holdings Inc., mentioning potential non-fungible assets and metaverse experiences.

Among the filings, one states the potential for providing an online marketplace for buyers of crypto and digital collectibles, tokens, currencies and tokens. The applications all center on use of the YEEZUS brand, which was West’s 2013 album’s and a long-running tour name.

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben tweeted the news that read:

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Filed on May 27, the trademark applications span an extensive array of valuable products that lie outside the crypto space. These products are apparel, video games, retail stores, amusement parks, cosmetics and more.

Currently, the filings list nothing in detail and contain very basic descriptions of potential product offerings. There are no details regarding the type of NFTs that Kanye West might pursue or the kind of metaverse experiences he intends to offer.

As a blockchain-based token, an NFT is a proof of ownership and is used for digital works like music files, illustrations, video games and profile pictures. Moving on to the metaverse, it is an immersive future evolution that allows people to use avatars in order to socialize, work, and play.

By entering Web3 realm with NFTs and metaverse experiences, West will enter a space that’s already filled with various other prominent rappers and singers.