A look at celebrities who became a part of  the NFTs & crypto ecosystem over the past year


  • Celebrities admiration for crypto stands tall despite the bear market and decreasing crypto prices.
  • Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Maria Sharapova, Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are some of the celebs to enter NFTs & crypto last year.
  • Celebrities intend to diversify their presence in gaming, music, entertainment and trading.

In the past years, the crypto ecosystem has turned into a home for a number of popular celebrities, thanks to the craze of NFTs that grew in 2021. Though the bear market is ongoing and prices of cryptocurrency have fallen, celebrities are still supporting the crypto market.

In 2021, celebrities explored things beyond NFTs to expand their presence throughout gaming, trading as well as other investment possibilities. Considering that, let’s take a look at some of the very famous celebrities who entered the crypto world in the last year and how they are keeping themselves prepared for the forthcoming bull cycle.

Known as one of the highest earning athletes, Connor McGregor, has recently collaborated with the crypto trading application, Tiger.Trade. As a part of the deal, McGregor will feature an in-house game for users to play and win unique prizes.

McGregor’s association with crypto has been indirect through UFC partnerships with Crypto.com. 

Moving on, Marshall Mathers or Eminem is a celeb who creates more buzz for investing in NFTs rather than selling his collections. He bought Bored Ape ‘EminApe’ NFT worth $460,000. The Ape wears a gold chain necklace and a khaki army cap just like Eminem.

This year, in June, Eminem released a BAYC NFT-inspired music video with crypto freak Snoop Dogg.

Maria Sharapova, the very famous Tennis star, and various other celebrities like Justin Bieber,  Gal Gadot and Bruce Willis have also made major investments in Moonpay. According to the company, the number of celebrities and public figures belonging to music, media, sports and entertainment who have come forward to  invest $87 million in a Series A funding is more than 60.

Snoop Dogg has partnered with  many crypto projects in web3, NFTs, crypto exchanges and games. 

Recently, he announced the launch of a BAYC-themed restaurant,  Bored and Hungry in LA. 

Iconic boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, launched an NFT project Mayweverse, which is a collection of 5,000 NFTs. 

Meanwhile, the consumer watchdog group Truth in Advertising warned a number of celebrities for NFTs promotions without sharing their connection to the projects.