30-day NFT sales 88% less than 8 months ago, Google searches plunged


  • $549.82 million in NFT sales were recorded in September, which shows monthly NFT sales down by more than 88% as compared to January.
  • Sales have dropped since January because as per records, NFT sales were slightly more than half-billion or about $549.82 million.
  • Yuga Labs has sold the five most expensive NFTs in the last 30 days.

This year, during the end of January, NFT sales raked in $4.77 billion but post that, sales of NFTs have gone down each month.   

September’s NFT sales were $549.82 million, showing a decline of more than 88% in monthly sales as compared to January. Moreover, the term ‘NFT’ had the highest score on Google Trends in January 2021 with a score of 100, which was only 12 in September’s last week and is again 88% lower.

During the end of last year and in January 2022, NFTs were quite popular. Also, in Google Trends data, the term NFT has the highest score possible for a search query on the database of GT, which is a score of 100. 

Talking about the last month when NFT sales exceeded the $1 billion mark, it was May with $3.18 billion. Next month, the sales amounted to $879 million followed by $682 million in July. In August, the sales went even lower with $633 million and in September, the sales were 13.27% lower. 

October’s first week had made $105.22 million in NFT sales. Based on the 30-day metrics, BAYC had the maximum NFT sales and the collection made $30,964,305. However, in comparison to last month, it is lower by 37.49%. 

This month, according to statistics, the project QQL Mint Pass has made $27.80 million in sales while CryptoPunks collection has made $23.49 million. 

Compared to the previous month, four projects collected three-digit profits this month. These projects are God’s Unchained, NFL All Day, Renga and Ethereum Name Service. Last month, maximum sales volume was from the Ethereum blockchain with $345,633,653 in sales.

After Ethereum were Solana with $114.32 million, Flow with $20.61 million and Immutable X with $18.95 million in terms of NFT sales 

Despite the ruling, Ethereum-dependent NFT sales were down by 21.26% as observed by month-over-month statistics. According to the 30-day metrics, Solana NFTs are up by 109.23% while Flow NFTs are up by 40.58%. Coming to NFT sales derived from the Immutable X network, they increased month-over-month by 125.30%. 

As a matter of fact, the five most expensive NFTs sold in the past 30 days are from Yuga Labs‘ based collections such as Otherdeeds and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Bored Ape #8585 was the most expensive NFT sold in the past 30 days at a price of $1.03 million. The second most expensive NFT sold was Bored Ape #441 at $350,991 19 days before.