The Sandbox announced Top Nation’s hit games


  • Top Nation’s hit games are coming on the Sandbox platform.
  • Alien Worlds, MadBalls, Hermit Crab games are mentioned by Sandbox.
  • The Sandbox is a virtual world and gaming environment built on Ethereum.

The Sandbox Game tweeted on February 20, 2023, that Tap Nation’s hit games are coming to their platform. Join the spacecraft on a journey to discover the virtual world and find out-of-this-world NFTs. 

The Sandbox also tweeted that Alien World is on the Sandbox network. Alien Worlds is an NFT-powered game in which participants gather and exchange one-of-a-kind digital objects created largely on the Wax blockchain. Gamers battle to gain Trilium (TLM), Alien Worlds’ in-game token required to manage one of the six rival DAOs.

Mad ball’s existence in the virtual world will enhance The Sandbox. Madballs are back for a new era of bizarre entertainment. Madballs were initially released in 1986 and were thought to be very unpleasant.

The Sandbox also informed users via tweet on February 19, 2023, that in the metaverse, a fully virtualized city themed after Brazilian culture delivers various sporting experiences. Hermit: An Underwater Story is a quick action/arcade game. One can take on the role of a hermit crab and battle waves of creepy and frightening marine animals. To defend the player and fight attackers, a variety of empty shells will be used as weapons.

The recent seven sales on the Sandbox are: Land 87095 was sold for $4,100 (2.6 WETH). $3,600 and 1.6 WETH were spent on Land 73940; $2,600 and 1.5 ETH were spent on Land 160212; $2,600 and 1.5 ETH were spent on Land 73942; $2,600 and 1.4 WETH were spent on Land 14433; and $2,600 and 1.5 WETH were spent on Land 67507.