From Viral Quarrel to Price Surge: Opepen NFTs Dominate as PFP Trend


  • Opepen Edition NFTs experience a surge in value and attention after going viral on Crypto Twitter.
  • Lowest-priced Opepen NFT reaches an all-time high of 0.85 ETH within 48 hours.
  • Open edition concept allows for unlimited creation of NFTs, resulting in 16,000 claimed pieces.

Opepen Edition, a collection of Ethereum NFTs featuring Pepe meme-themed artwork by conceptual digital artist Jack Butcher, has recently experienced a remarkable surge in attention and value. The NFTs gained widespread popularity after becoming the focal point of a viral phenomenon on Crypto Twitter.

According to NFT Price Floor data, the lowest-priced item in the Opepen Edition collection soared to an all-time high of 0.85 ETH (equivalent to approximately $1,625) within the last 48 hours. Currently, its value remains above 0.75 ETH, amounting to nearly $1,440.

The term “open edition” implies that there is no limit to the number of NFTs that can be created within a specific timeframe. Initially, the minting of these pieces was free of charge, resulting in a total of 16,000 claimed NFTs.

The sudden surge in revenue can be attributed to a captivating occurrence that unfolded on Crypto Twitter. A friendly dispute between two influential figures in the cryptocurrency community sparked a viral frenzy, ultimately reshaping the history of Opepen Edition.

Last week, Michael “ThreadGuy” Jerome, a prominent Crypto Twitter personality, was approached by Bored Elon, a vocal admirer of Butcher’s artwork and the largest holder of Opepen NFTs. Bored Elon proposed a trade, offering one of the earliest minted NFTs from the Opepen Edition in exchange for ThreadGuy’s prized Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT.

Although ThreadGuy displayed some enthusiasm about featuring an Opepen as his Twitter profile image, the trade agreement ultimately fell through.

However, this seemingly minor event proved to be the catalyst for a wildfire of interest. Butcher, who had been closely following the interactions between the two influencers, was inspired to create a unique Opepen artwork specifically for ThreadGuy. The piece incorporated colors reminiscent of ThreadGuy’s Mutant Ape NFT. Overwhelmed with gratitude, ThreadGuy promptly updated his profile picture to showcase the thoughtful gift from Butcher.

Consequently, this heartwarming gesture by Butcher, combined with the viral exchange between ThreadGuy and Bored Elon, significantly heightened the visibility and desirability of Opepen Edition NFTs. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and collectors have taken notice, leading to a surge in demand and an unprecedented increase in the value of these digital assets.

Moreover, the episode highlights the influential power of Crypto Twitter and its ability to propel trends within the cryptocurrency and NFT communities. As the story continues to unfold, it remains to be seen what further developments and surprises await within the ever-evolving world of digital art and blockchain-based collectibles.