Bruce Lee in Web3! “House of Lee: Genesis” NFT released by Shibuya


  • The Bruce Lee Estate in partnership with Shibuya launched the ‘House of Lee’ Genesis open edition.
  • Billed as “your ticket to the House of Lee” the $15 or 0.008 ETH NFT was developed in association with the Bruce Lee Estate.
  • The open edition began on April 12 at 11 am ET and will end on April 14 at 11 pm ET.

The Bruce Lee Estate has successfully created a Web3 existence for the iconic martial artist via a new collaboration with the NFT-based video platform Shibuya. 

The plans were disclosed on April 11 with Lee’s classic video interview clip wherein he upgrades from the live footage into an anime-based presentation. 

Shibuya launched an open edition Ethereum NFT allowing users to buy an unlimited number before the mint comes to an end for 0.008 ETH each, which equals to over $15.

Featuring Lee’s artwork, the “House of Lee: Genesis” NFT was hand-drawn by Emily “pplpleasr” Yang and designed in partnership with Shannon Lee, who is the daughter of the late icon as well as founder and President of the Bruce Lee Estate.

The NFT is billed as “your ticket to the House of Lee” though upcoming plans or utility regarding the non-fungible token are yet to be announced.  

A Shibuya representative shared that the NFT mint is the initial stage in an existing Web3 partnership with the Bruce Lee Estate.

Shibuya is focused on developing an original video series that allows NFT holders to have their word in the production process. In White Rabbit, Shibuya’s very first anime-style series, NFT holders can select the next narrative course when each segment ends. 

Dominion X: Level 2,” the recent series by Steve Aoki and Seth Green’s Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, allowed NFT holders to vote on the conclusion to every new stop-motion animated segment that’s produced each week. 

In December, Shibuya disclosed a $6.9 million seed round co-led by Variant Fund and Andreessen Horowitz.

Shibuya is looking forward to creating Bruce Lee video content with an identical model or not is yet to be seen, but the teaser clip definitely shows them working on Bruce Lee animation. The clip is scheduled to be shown this week on a Times Square video in New York City at the time of the NFT.NYC conference.