Fantasy league game to let beleaguered NFT traders flip JPEGs


  • Flip, the NFT trading and aggregation platform is set to launch a fantasy league game.
  • The fantasy league will enable traders to have that “sweet adrenaline” that comes from flipping JPEGs.
  • Despite the bear market, users are optimistic about the future of NFTs.

NFT traders who suffered money loss during the market downturn in 2022 have some good news. Now they can wager imitated funds on JPEGs via something close to fantasy sports, collecting a fake portfolio via NFT data and Flip, a trading platform. 

Those who take part in the latest NFT fantasy league can pretend-buy NFTs. Ones with the best fake portfolio performance will take home prizes. 

Brian Krogsgard, Flip co-founder, said that Fantasy Flip is a way for fun in a market affected by the bearish trend. He continued that most of us can’t afford spending ETH left by us on huge sweeps. However, we wish to feel and experience flipping JPEGs. Individuals who desire to take part in NFTs but are unable to do so with big funds can have fun this way. 

Today NFT News recently reported that despite the increased adoption rate, NFT trading volume continues to plunge 98% from January, according to the latest data by Dune Analytics. As a result, high-flying JPEGs that used to surprise at their peak prices now make an extremely small amount. 

Krogsgard also mentioned that though we might be poor in terms of transacting in life, we have the spirit for non-fungible tokens

Currently, there are 36% more NFT traders as compared to 2021. No matter NFT volumes are significantly down, interest in them is still high and users are thrilled about the future of these tokens. 

Flip was launched in April this year during the NFT winter by Krogsgard along with co-founders Jennifer Jacobs and Sam Hotchkiss. It assists customers in navigating the real NFT market and allows trading on a number of markets besides offering wallet tracking and portfolio.