Hugo Boss joins Imaginary Ones to launch NFT & 360-degree metaverse experience


  • Hugo Boss joins Imaginary Ones to launch a “360-degree metaverse experience.”
  • A number of fashion brands have entered Web3 quite recently.
  • The funds raised will be given to the charity Youth Aware of Mental Health.

Hugo has partnered with Imaginary Ones to move its apparel in the metaverse. On Tuesday, Hugo announced the launch of a “360-degree metaverse experience.”

The NFT collection will launch in the beginning of November and will have a total of 1,001 3D animations. The collection will be called, Embrace Your Emotions or EYE. 

There will be five playful iconic HUGO x Imaginary Ones NFT characters, representing everyday emotions like joy, anger, sadness, love and fear.

There will be a rare sixth iconic character with all five emotions. It will be auctioned on World Mental Health Day, October 10th.

In a release, Imaginary Ones shared the goal of the NFTs, which is to motivate people to acknowledge their emotions as well as spread the message that be it positive feelings or negative, they do exist and must be embraced since feeling & expressing is good for mental health and well-being. 

An allowlist of 500 spots will be assigned to those who buy a limited edition phygital t-shirt. There will be a QR code in each t-shirt, which will take users to a Snapchat lens, which will create an exclusive AR effect. 

NFT owners will get access to the staking ecosystem of Imaginary Ones, which will give them a separate set of unique Hugo x IO experiences, merchandise and content along with digital wearables.

The original NFT collection of Imaginary Ones has 8,888 animated characters. Its current floor price is 0.73 ETH. 

100% of the funds from the auction will be given to Youth Aware of Mental Health, which is a  mental-health program for individuals between the ages of 13-17.

The one who wins the charity auction will get exclusive benefits and utilities. 

Earlier this year, Gucci united with SuperRare to create an NFT art gallery for contemporary artists. Burberry also launched an NFT-based Game

On June 23, Louis Vuitton filed four trademark applications to offer virtual goods, NFTs and digital collectibles

According to Nelly Mensah, LVMH’s web3 leader, projects that efficiently find an overlap between who are their real customers and who are the existing Web3 customers will survive in the long run. In terms of Hugo Boss, this is rooted in the younger market.