Twitter to enable users to trade NFTs via tweets


  • Users can show off NFT marketplace listings from a few platforms along with a button that will allow them to purchase and sell collectibles.
  • Twitter has joined four marketplaces to make users purchase, sell as well as display NFTs via tweets.
  • Users will have access to a larger picture of the NFT including information such as the creator and details.

Twitter has announced enabling users to purchase, sell and display non-fungible tokens via tweets. To make it happen, the social media platform has collaborated with four marketplaces.

NFT Tweet Tiles, the integration, shows the artwork of a non-fungible token in an exclusively created panel inside a tweet and has a button that enables users to click through to a marketplace listing.

Currently, the integration is in the testing phase and works with markets from partners, namely, sports-centric platform, Solana-centric marketplace Magic Eden, Flow blockchain creator Dapper Labs and multi-platform NFT marketplace protocol Rarible.

Together, the marketplaces cover a number of blockchain networks such as Tezos, Ethereum, Flow, Immutable X, Solana and Polygon.

According to a Twitter representative, since the feature is blockchain-agnostic, all networks will remain supported until the links belong to a partnered marketplace.

Additionally, the representative shared that as of now, the feature is being tested with a few selected Twitter users throughout web and iOS and web. Also, if these users are in the test group, they will get to see the NFT Tweet Tile integration. The feature can be used without the Twitter Blue premium subscription.

In January, via its Twitter Blue subscription, Twitter supported NFTs to be verified profile pictures. However, presently, it supports only Ethereum NFTs.

In July, Today NFT News reported, Facebook tests NFT support on selected creator profiles. The next month, Instagram rolled out its NFT feature in more than 100 countries

Meanwhile, in September, Meta allowed users to crosspost and share NFTs on Facebook and Instagram.