American Football Coach Melvin Tucker to launch NFTuck, his NFT collection this month


  • After astonishing everyone as a coach, Mel Tucker made a move towards NFTs.
  • The collection, NFTuck, will be launched before the end of this month.
  • Proceeds from the sales will be used to support Southeastern Michigan’s Boys and Girls sports clubs.

Mel Tucker, the third-year Michigan State coach has proved his mettle by building a powerful college football team as well as defeating Michigan. 

After gaining all the praises, he has begun his next venture, NFTs.

NFTuck, a set of NFTs launched by Tucker this month, enables fans to choose a Michigan State collectible and gain access to behind-the-scenes of the program besides supporting charity. Funds from the sale of NFTs will be utilized to uplift Southeastern Michigan’s Boys & Girls Clubs. 

The project is a way for Tucker to determine how NFTs can add benefit to both the players and programs of Michigan State. 

The collection features three types of non-fungible tokens– limited edition numbered coins, Bowl Championship Ring and Tuck’s Shoe. 

Besides owning the digital asset, owners of the NFT will receive perks such as passes for Michigan State practices during this season and direct access to video chat with Tucker himself.

Other than raising funds to support charity, Tucker hopes that NFTuck will act like a blueprint as to how athletes of Michigan State can get the best out of NFTs. 

According to Tucker, it would be a student-athlete-led program and doing great. The next step involves establishing a platform for student-athletes.

More than 25 NFTs have been sold for valuations ranging between 400 and $900. Raising $50,000 is the aim to support the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Whenever an NFTuck will be resold in the future, a part of it will go to the Club’s to create revenue for the charity.