Hilbert Group’s Coin360.com and Rarible Launches NFT-heatmap


  • The Hilbert Group’s cryptocurrency analytical website Coin360.com is the first to release a heatmap that provides data on the NFT market.
  • The NFT heatmap, now in beta, will continue to grow in both capability and scope.
  • Hilbert Group aims to provide world-class services to its shareholders and clients while establishing itself as a leading digital asset investment organization.

Coin360.com, a crypto analysis website run by the Hilbert Group, is the first to publish a heatmap that offers information on the NFT market. Leading NFT marketplace Rarible and Coin360.com collaborated to build the new function. The heatmap on Coin360.com provides not only a clear and visual representation of the NFT market but also several filters and data points, allowing users to get the specific insights they need. 

The functionality and breadth of the NFT heatmap, which is now in beta, will keep expanding. The principal owner of Coin360.com is Hilbert Group AB, a Nasdaq First North listed investment company with a focus on blockchain technology and digital assets. 

Hilbert Group CEO Niclas Sandström said: “The first website to provide simple NFT navigation via a heatmap is Coin360.com. NFTs stand for the future management of intellectual property rights, the transfer of those rights, and royalties associated with the IP ownership – whether it relates to the arts, music, literature, or other fields. 

Despite the tremendous bear market we are presently experiencing, where many tokens have seen price drops of 90% or more, the NFT market cap is currently above $10 billion and is anticipated to rise rapidly over the coming ten years.”

A live data aggregator for cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges is called COIN360. COIN360 provides essential market information in a visually appealing way. COIN360 provides a wide range of tools to stay informed on the most recent cryptocurrency market moves, regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur trader, media outlet, or simply crypto curious.

Rarible is a blockchain-secured NFT marketplace and issuance platform that puts the focus on creators and lets users create and sell digital collectibles. Currently, Rarible offers over 300,000 NFTs with a 220,000-party ownership base.

The goal of Hilbert Group is to become a premier digital asset investment firm with the mission to deliver world-class services to its shareholders and clients, to hasten the digital asset revolution, and to increase public awareness of this new asset class.