$350,000 Worth Bored Ape NFT Sold for Just $115


  • A Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT sold for $115, 99.9% less than its current floor price.
  • A naive mistake could have led to choosing DAI instead of an unstable coin tied to USD. US dollar.

A Bored Ape Yacht club NFT was purchased for $115 — 99.97 percent less than the price currently offered for the most affordable item in the collection.

There’s been a lot of discussion on the internet sites about the circumstances surrounding this, and OpenSea‘s data suggests that it can. ETH was not the most fortunate investor.

At first glance, it appears that change. ETH was looking to sell Bored Ape #835 for 115 ETH, which as of the date of writing, was worth around $399,000.

A naive mistake could have led to choosing DAI instead of an unstable coin tied to USD. US dollar.

But, a sloppy mistake could have led to choosing DAI instead of a stablecoin that is tied one-to-one to USD. US dollar.

That’s not all. It is also revealed that a Mutant Ape from change.eth was auctioned off for 25 DAI — or $25 on the same day, which is considerably smaller than the cost of $76,000.

The fact that it’s occurred twice suggests that it can. Eth was hacked.

The collector has lost more than $470,000 in profits — and the bids for both NFTs have already been put in place at much more expensive costs.

The website art chick. Eth offered a completely different explanation. She provided an alternative explanation for the incident:

Feels more like a tax evasion attempt, they sold their mutant for $25 to the same wallet. They’ll probably claim they were scammed and may even have the audacity to try to write it off, they bought the ape for 16 ETH. If it was a mistake, I wish them well, it’s quite a loss.

Double-Check Your Transactions

We’ll never know the details of the cause. However, it’s a good reminder to make sure that your transactions are in the right sum and going in the right direction.

There have been several terrifying stories from NFT collectors who’ve lost their entire savings because of a single mistake in recent months. And the permanent nature of blockchain transactions means that it’s too late to find out that a mistake was committed.

In the last month, an individual who wanted to market the Ether Rock on OpenSea for 444 ETH instead offered it for sale at 444 WEI… which reduced $1.5 million into fractions of a penny

Before the wrong listing could be removed, the bot entered and took over the NFT.

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