Art Blocks Fidenza creator sells QQL, his recent project for $17M of Ethereum NFTs


  • QQL, a recent art project from the partnership between Tyler Hobbs and Dandelion Wist has been sold for $17 million worth of NFTs.
  • Hobbs is among the most known artists in the NFT world.
  • The cheapest Fidenza sells for 96 ETH or $127,600 on the secondary market.

The current condition of the NFT market isn’t hidden from anyone, still there are people like Tyler Hobbs who have the confidence to jump in the NFT space.  

Hobbs has created the Art Blocks Fidenza project and has recently debuted his predicted project, QQL. The collection is based on Ethereum and is in partnership with Dandelion Wist, who is the co-founder of art platform, Archipelago. 

Reportedly, the project was sold out quite quickly. 900 NFT mint passes were sold for 14 ETH per piece, which equals to over $18,600. Overall, from the primary sale, the project has raised $16.7 million. According to the official website, the creators have reserved another 99 mint passes for surprise collaborations. 

Passes can be traded on secondary markets now and allow owners to mint one QQL piece as an NFT and even customize it through the interactive algorithm of Hobbs. Everyone has the freedom to play with the algorithm and create artwork. However, the right to convert them into NFTs is reserved by the mint pass owners only. 

What makes the QQL drop different is its rare approach towards pricing. The modified Dutch auction began at 50 ETH with the price going down slowly. However, during the end of the auction, the final NFT sold for 14 ETH, which set the price for all. Whoever paid more price initially, could claim for a refund based on the difference. 

The Fidenza project has raised not one or two but many seven-figure sales on the secondary market. In August 2021, one of them was sold for a massive $3.3 million worth of ETH. 

Hobbs has one more Art Blocks project, Incomplete Control, which has just 100 NFT pieces. The starting price is 110.69 ETH on the OpenSea marketplace.