Cardano to house hybrid NFT art project by Christian Etter


  • The Cardano blockchain network will house the NFTs for the hybrid art project Etter Edition 01.
  • The physical Etter Edition 01 will have regenerating motion visuals corresponding to their digital NFT counterparts on the Cardano network.

The introduction of Etter Edition 01, “a hybrid physical and NFT generative art project,” co-created by Christian Etter and Alexander E. Brunner was announced by the blockchain and cryptocurrency group Cardano Foundation. In this case, the art project known as Etter Edition 01 is redeemable as “real pieces of art on the Cardano blockchain” and was created by the Swiss-based Web3 infrastructure company NMKR. The project, according to Christian Etter, an internationally renowned artist and designer, “shows the benefits that may be given to the globe via decentralization.”

Moreover, Etter said that he was astounded to see how technology could transform the arts. Etter brought up the Etter Edition 01 project when talking about it. It’s interesting to note how the decentralized algorithm in the artwork alters the painting over time, fusing the distinctive features of the natural world with the virtual world. As a result, the buyer would be protected by the algorithm’s legitimacy and ownership of the artwork.

Additionally, the project’s physical manifestation would have “the same generative motion visuals” that the blockchain-based digital NFT exhibits. With its sophisticated metadata features, Etter Edition 01 shows the Cardano blockchain’s potential to produce NFTs. The project’s co-creator, Alexander Brunner, a former Zurich city councillor and adviser to the Swiss government, said it showed off the variety of initiatives coming out of the Swiss Crypto Valley. Etter further underlined that the industry would “catch the public imagination” and “inspire others to join and lead in this emerging ecosystem.