IOHK submits proposal for Cardano’s Vasil Hard Fork; Countdown begins!


  • IOHK recently submitted an updated proposal for Cardano testnet’s Vasil hard fork.
  • The submission triggered the countdown for the network’s Vasil mainnet upgrade.
  • The Vasil upgrade to the Cardano mainnet aims to improve the performance and upgrade the capability.

Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) recently announced that they had submitted an updated proposal for facilitating the Cardano hard fork testnet. This submission marked the beginning of the countdown for the Cardano network’s Vasil mainnet upgrade. 

It has been revealed that the four-week window for application developers and exchanges to test the upcoming Cardano upgrade begins on July 3. it concludes that developers and exchanges can test the upgrade before it is launched onto the mainnet. 

The upgrade has got its name Vasil from an artist, a member of the Cardano community, and an ambassador named Vasil Stoyanov Dabov, who lost his life to pulmonary embolism in December 2021. 

As per the goals, Cardano’s Vasil upgrade is aimed at bringing notable performance and capability enhancements to the blockchain. It should be laid an emphasis that IOHK has described the fork as the biggest and best upgrade for the network to date. 

The Vasil upgrade will carry the potential to provide higher throughput, enhanced script performance for developers, and reduced costs. In addition, the team behind Cardano revealed that the upgrade would also positively affect the scalability of the blockchain for decentralized apps (dApps).

The mainnet is scheduled around the end of July as the Cardano community requested time to test and upgrade applications on the testnet for a minimum of four weeks. One of the prime concerns of IOHK is to make sure that the upgrade is managed in a safe and secure manner. 

The project has been coined as the most complex program of work IOHK has ever taken by the team. The Alonzo hard fork marked the last major upgrade to the blockchain in September 2021, which brought the smart contract functionality for the first time. 

Well, there is certainly no denying that the Vasil hard fork has got a lot to prove in order to prove Charles Hoskinson’s prediction of thousands of DApps on Cardano. This update is even more crucial as the last one was considered a disappointment majorly.