Synternet and Peaq Partnership Expands Blockchain Capabilities


  • Synternet integrates peaq’s network into its Data Layer, expanding blockchain application capabilities.
  • The partnership enables real-time, responsive systems for traffic, power, and environmental management.
  • Developers gain access to customizable on-chain data streams, promoting innovation in the Economy of Things.

Synternet, a leader in blockchain data infrastructure, has enhanced its Data Layer by integrating Peaq’s network, a significant development in decentralized network applications. This collaboration introduces new possibilities for developers, enabling the creation of sophisticated, event-driven applications that function across various physical infrastructure networks.

With Peaq as a new Publisher on its Data Layer, Synternet now offers developers access to a customizable stream of Peaq’s on-chain data. This integration allows for the development of dashboards, advanced analytical tools, and machine-learning applications. Developers can now build applications that automatically respond to network events, such as traffic management systems rerouting vehicles during congestion or power grids adjusting output in peak times.

This partnership marks a significant step in utilizing blockchain technology for practical, real-world applications. By tapping into Peaq’s data streams, Synternet subscribers can modify these to suit specific needs, enhancing efficiency in industries like environment monitoring, traffic management, and power distribution. Consequently, this leads to more responsive and adaptable systems within the so-called Economy of Things.

Jonas Simanavicius, CTO of Synternet, highlighted the potential of this partnership, noting, “We are excited to bring builders in the Peaq ecosystem a versatile and highly customizable data streaming network for DePIN analytics and event-driven dApps.” Meanwhile, Till Wendler, co-founder of Peaq, emphasized the value this integration brings to developers, looking forward to the innovative applications it will enable.

The collaboration between Synternet and Peaq is setting a new standard for blockchain-based data streaming, paving the way for dynamic and efficient decentralized applications. This partnership not only enhances the capabilities of both platforms but also opens up a realm of possibilities for developers looking to innovate within the Economy of Things.