DApps on Polygon reached 37,000, show growth by 400%


  • Compared to March, the number of monthly active teams has grown to 11,800 in July.
  • More than 142 million rare user addresses, as well as $5 billion assets, have been reported as used on decentralized apps.
  • MATIC has acquired 66.3% in the last month, owing to its exciting market cap. It has become the 16th largest crypto asset universally.

The number of DApps on Polygon has reached 37,000, thereby, showing an increase by 400% since the beginning of 2022. 

The team shared the figures through a blog post sourced from Alchemy. The figure shows the growing number of applications that have been launched on the mainnet as well as testnet. 

Monthly active teams reached 11,800 during July’s end. Upon breaking down the decentralized applications, it was concluded that 74% of teams integrated on Polygon, whereas 26% were employed on Ethereum as well as on Polygon. 

Polygon’s PoS blockchain hosts decentralized applications from an extensive list of valuable brands and projects in the crypto world

According to the blog, the use of dApp on Polygon has witnessed 142 million plus rare user addresses along with assets worth $5 billion. The transactions processed to date are about 1.6 billion. 

Delighted with the growth, CEO Ruan Wyatt expressed himself on Twitter.

Previously, Polygon partnered with Alchemy and mentioned the partnership to be a major reason behind the surging number of decentralized apps on the network. 

As per the post, Polygon’s collaboration with Alchemy that happened in June 2021 acted as a catalyst in terms of adoption. 

The post also emphasized Alchemy’s platform tooling, dApp, and Web3 infrastructure, like application programming interfaces. It also mentioned that Alchemy is working actively with Polygon to fix and curb network-level incidents.