Xternity helping Polygon in transferring Solana’s Web3 game 


  • Polygon hires Xternity to transfer Solana’s multiplayer Web3 game.
  • Xternity provided a technique that can be utilized to move games or projects.
  • On January 17, the Polygon proof-of-stake chain will hard fork.

Layer-2 scaling strategy for Ethereum Polygon collaborated with Xternity, a Web3 gaming creation infrastructure, to move and onboard a multiplayer Web3 game, Synergy Land, from Solana to the Polygon system.

Solana, as a blockchain network, emphasizes durability and expense, whereas Polygon provides for smooth connection with the Ethereum ecosystem. Xternity provided a mechanism—via its network transfer tool—that can be used to migrate games or projects across chains to assist in the transfer of Synergy Land’s resources onto the Ethereum Virtual Machine chain.

Sagi Maman, co-founder and CEO of Xternity, said that both gamers and programmers should be able to pick their own blockchain networks while discussing the company’s objective of accelerating Web3 game development.

Consumers must link their Solana-compatible wallets, such as Phantom and MetaMask, before destroying their assets on Solana and reconstructing them on Polygon. Synergy Land’s transfer to Polygon intends to integrate Web2 users into Web3 without jeopardising the community housed on the older blockchain.

Web3 organizations that choose EVM migration frequently desire a larger user base, increased functionality, and the legitimacy of the Ethereum blockchain.

The Polygon proof-of-stake chain was set to hard fork on January 17. A Polygon official told Cointelegraph the following facts regarding the upgrade: The hard fork is programmed for blocks greater than 38,189,056. It will not be initiated by a centralized, single actor. The network’s validators must update their nodes prior to the designated block, which they are already doing.

The update was accepted by 87% of the Polygon Governance Team’s 15 voters, intended to lessen gas fee spikes and solve the chain restructuring problem.