PolyOne Unveils Exclusive NFT Release by Trailblazing 2D/3D Artist, Necrofear FX


  • PolyOne and Necrofear FX team up for an exclusive NFT collection featuring three captivating pieces.
  • Necrofear FX’s gothic-inspired artwork merges ancient mythology with modern themes, reflecting his unique artistic vision.
  • Priced between 0.524 ETH and 0.55 ETH, these one-of-a-kind artworks symbolize the platform’s dedication to supporting visionary artists.

PolyOne, an emerging NFT platform, has recently partnered with the acclaimed 2D/3D artist Necrofear FX to launch an exclusive NFT collection. Necrofear FX, known for his gothic-inspired artwork, brings a unique blend of ancient mythology and contemporary themes to the digital art space. This collaboration highlights PolyOne’s commitment to supporting innovative artists who explore and push the boundaries of digital art.

The collection features three distinctive pieces: “The Last Wine,” “Eldorado,” and “Eclipsed Grace.” Each piece weaves a unique narrative, reflecting the artist’s commitment to merging deep theoretical concepts with modern-day relevance. “The Last Wine” explores societal dynamics and gender progress, “Eldorado” draws inspiration from the poem “The New Colossus,” symbolizing wisdom and abundance, and “Eclipsed Grace” celebrates humanity’s journey through space and time.


Priced between 0.524 ETH and 0.55 ETH, these exclusive artworks underscore the value and uniqueness of Necrofear FX’s vision. The artist himself has expressed enthusiasm for PolyOne’s platform, praising its focus on utilizing blockchain technology for the greater good and its support for creators. PolyOne founder Shawn Emamjomeh echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the platform’s aim to foster a dynamic, creator-focused ecosystem.

This partnership marks a significant milestone not only for PolyOne but also for the NFT community at large. It showcases the platform’s dedication to bringing groundbreaking art to the forefront and its belief in the power of storytelling through digital art. The launch of Necrofear FX’s collection is a testament to the evolving landscape of digital artistry and the ongoing dialogue between ancient themes and contemporary experiences.

The collaboration between PolyOne and Necrofear FX represents a pivotal moment in the world of NFTs. It celebrates the fusion of gothic and digital art and highlights the platform’s commitment to supporting artists who dare to explore the boundaries of their creativity. This exclusive drop invites collectors and enthusiasts alike to experience the depth and beauty of Necrofear FX’s work, further cementing PolyOne’s position as a champion for visionary art in the digital age.