Otherside’ will conduct First Trip Tech Demo on July 16


  • BAYC/MAYC holders will have their first Voyagers trip on July 16.
  • Only holders of Otherside will qualify for the first trip.
  • Otherside hosted two load tests prior to the First Trip launch.

According to Otherside’s latest Twitter post, its First Trip tech demo will happen on July 16 at noon ET and show off the technical abilities the Otherside platform has.

Thousands of users will communicate under the same roof and experience an immersive play area that has been created exclusively for this demo. Users across the globe will have a private, tokengated livestream. 

To manage the large crowds, a realistic, real-time voice chat and spatial audio has been built.

Earlier, Otherside released a video giving a glimpse of the First Trip.

First Trip aims at celebrating what is soon to come and will give Voyagers the opportunity to meet, discover and plan. Moreover, Otherside is compatible with a number of renowned NFTs.

In May, Otherside released a demo on 16th July. 

Today NFT News covered the insight on Otherside’s release of First Tech Demo for NFT holders on July 16.

Recently, Otherside announced second load test on July 9 while the first load test was conducted on July 6.