Arc8 GameFest Launches with $120,000 Prize Pool on Web3 Platform


  • GAMEE is hosting a major mobile gaming tournament called Arc8 GameFest from November 16-30, 2023 with over $120,000 in prizes.
  • Participants need to acquire a GameFest Pass NFT on OpenSea to access the tournament. Passes cost around $15.
  • Prize pool includes tokens and NFTs from sponsors like Hooked Protocol, Crypto Unicorns, REVV Motorsport, and Animoca Brands’ Mocaverse.

GAMEE, a prominent arcade gaming studio and a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has unveiled its most ambitious gaming event to date Arc8 GameFest, set to take place from November 16th to 30th, 2023. This NFT-gated mobile game tournament offers a substantial prize pool of approximately $120,000, featuring tokens and highly coveted NFTs from event sponsors and partners. Interested participants can acquire a GameFest Pass on OpenSea to access the event.

Building upon the success of the previous Arc8 League: Season 0 held in July, Arc8 GameFest promises an even larger tournament with an expanded prize pool and a diverse range of partners, including other Animoca Brands portfolio companies, major gaming projects, and international gaming communities.

Leading contributors to the prize pool include Hooked Protocol, Crypto Unicorns, and REVV Motorsport, along with various other partners committed to enhancing Arc8 GameFest’s engagement and reach. Mocaverse, Animoca Brands’ flagship NFT project, is among the sponsors, following its involvement in the “Into the Mocaverse” campaign earlier this year. Additional gaming partners include ForestKnight, Wanderers, Anichess, Highstreet, BoomLand, Unstoppable Domains, KDArena, and Benji Bananas. Community and media partners, such as W3GG, Avocado DAO, Blockbeats, and Aki Network, are instrumental in extending the event’s reach, particularly in Asia-Pacific. 

Arc8 GameFest represents GAMEE’s commitment to facilitating onboarding to Web3 gaming and rewarding gameplay. Prospective participants can mint their exclusive GameFest Pass on OpenSea until November 13th. The pass allows players to compete for prizes offered by event partners.

To ensure accessibility, the Arc8 GameFest Pass can be acquired using traditional fiat currency and Ether (ETH) at 0.008 ETH (approximately $15) or equivalent on OpenSea. Players can purchase in-game boosts and consumables with fiat currency or GMEE, Arc8’s native utility token. Additionally, Beasties NFTs, in-app characters for Arc8, will grant holders a multiplier for daily rewards during GameFest.

An exciting addition to Arc8 GameFest is the Elite Arcade gaming zone, with $20,000 of the prize pool dedicated to it. Access to the Elite Arcade is exclusive to holders of multiple GameFest Passes, offering them more opportunities to secure prizes.

Arc8 GameFest is poised to bridge the gap between traditional mobile gaming and decentralized gaming, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3 gaming experiences.