The Weeknd and Binance Collaborate to Bring NFT Magic to Global Concert Tour


  • The Weeknd’s collaboration with Binance introduces a pioneering Web3-powered global concert tour.
  • Souvenir NFTs and Tour NFTs redefine fan engagement, offering unique ways to connect with The Weeknd’s tour experience.
  • Tour NFTs extend the experience to global fans, transcending physical boundaries and offering a virtual slice of The Weeknd’s tour.

The Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn tour, in collaboration with Binance, is making waves as it introduces an innovative approach to global concert experiences through the utilization of Web3 technology.

This tour, already has hit in various parts of the world, is expanding its reach to include Australia and New Zealand, granting fans an extraordinary chance to immerse themselves in the world of Web3 via Souvenir NFTs (SNFT).

Notably, this partnership marks the first instance of a global concert tour powered by Web3, and it’s gaining momentum for its unique blend of entertainment, technology, and philanthropy.

The Weeknd and Binance are taking fan engagement to the next level by offering two distinct types of NFTs, namely Souvenir NFTs and Tour NFTs, each crafted to offer a novel way of connecting with the artist.

The Souvenir NFTs, tailor-made for concert attendees (subject to residency restrictions), act as digital mementos of the live performances, reimagining the timeless practice of collecting ticket stubs. Beyond just preserving memories, owning a Souvenir NFT opens doors to exclusive rewards like autographed merchandise, access to special events, and even coveted VIP privileges at The Weeknd’s concerts.

For global fans unable to attend the concerts physically, the Tour NFTs provide an exciting opportunity to purchase a virtual slice of The Weeknd’s tour experience. Unlike the Souvenir NFTs, the Tour NFTs transcend geographic limitations, allowing enthusiasts from all corners of the globe to partake in this unique offering later in the year. This distinct collection promises a fusion of stunning visual art and unexpected elements, sure to captivate aficionados.

Aside from revolutionizing the entertainment sphere, this collaboration takes a philanthropic turn. Binance’s commitment to philanthropy is evident through its generous donation of $2 million to the XO Humanitarian Fund. This charitable gesture amplifies the impact of the partnership, emphasizing the broader significance of this venture.

Moreover, Enter The Dimension, a virtual realm created as part of this collaboration, provides a platform for fans to engage even if they’re unable to attend a physical concert. This digital world offers challenges and prize draws that enable fans to connect with The Weeknd’s artistry on a new level, transcending geographical constraints.