Binance NFT Announces Monumental Cristiano Ronaldo NFT Collection: ForeverCR7


  • Binance NFT announces a second collection featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, celebrating his 838 career goals.
  • Rare chance to own NFTs depicting Ronaldo’s milestone goals and iconic moments.
  • Exclusive perks and rewards for collectors based on the rarity of their acquired NFTs.

Amidst the legal turmoil gripping the cryptocurrency world, Binance, the leading crypto company and exchange, has unveiled yet another major development for its NFT marketplace. Next month, Binance NFT will proudly present its second NFT collection, featuring none other than the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo, often hailed as the greatest of all time (GOAT).

Set to launch on Monday, July 3rd, 2023, the exclusive collection titled “ForeverCR7: The GOAT” pays homage to Ronaldo’s astounding achievement of scoring 838 goals (and counting). This remarkable NFT collection offers collectors a selection of 20 unique designs, each belonging to one of four rarity levels.

With a focus on Ronaldo’s incredible career-defining goals, these limited-edition digital collectibles encompass his monumental milestones and iconic moments, encapsulating the essence of a true legend.

Each NFT within the collection consists of a meticulously crafted collector’s card accompanying a digital ball, providing a captivating perspective on Ronaldo’s extraordinary journey.

The 29,327 NFTs comprising the “ForeverCR7: The GOAT” collection are meticulously distributed across the four rarity levels. The initial level, known as “normal,” presents collectors with seven distinct designs, each containing 4,000 NFTs. These designs correspond to every hundred-goal landmark Ronaldo achieved, ranging from his 100th goal all the way to his 700th.

Moving up the rarity ladder, the “rare” level features six designs that vividly portray Ronaldo’s iconic goals. With a total of 1,200 NFTs available, each design houses 200 individual pieces. Stepping into the realm of exclusivity, the “super rare” level unveils six designs, each limited to just 20 NFTs, totaling 120 pieces in this category.

At the pinnacle of rarity lies the “super super rare” level, graced by a single awe-inspiring design capturing Ronaldo’s greatest goal: the Bicycle Kick. Only seven lucky individuals will be able to claim this extraordinary NFT, and to make this experience even more extraordinary, they will also be granted the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to partake in a training session with Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

In addition to the exhilarating rarity levels and captivating designs, collectors will be rewarded with a range of exclusive perks based on the rarity of their acquired NFTs. Such incentives enhance the overall value and appeal of the collection, augmenting the excitement surrounding its release.

To ensure accessibility, the sale of the collection will commence on July 3rd via Binance NFT and the innovative ForeverCR7 Box Mechanism. Pricing for the NFTs varies according to rarity levels, with “normal” NFTs priced at 10 USDT, “rare” at 30 USDT, and “super rare” at 200 USDT. As for the highly coveted “super rare” NFTs, a special 48-hour auction will determine their fortunate owners, with six NFTs available for auction and one reserved for an upcoming giveaway.

As anticipation continues to build, the forthcoming release of “ForeverCR7: The GOAT” marks a significant milestone for both Binance NFT and the wider crypto community. Consequently, it is expected to captivate fans and collectors alike, showcasing the immense popularity and potential of NFTs as a medium for preserving and celebrating the legacies of sporting icons. 

Moreover, this announcement demonstrates Binance’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation within the ever-evolving crypto landscape.