Cristiano Ronaldo Announces Fourth NFT Collection on Binance


  • Cristiano Ronaldo announces his fourth NFT collection on Binance.
  • The collection highlights key moments from Ronaldo’s career and launches on May 29.
  • Despite past legal challenges, Ronaldo and Binance’s partnership remains strong.

Legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo visited Binance on May 29 to announce his fourth NFT collection. This latest release promises to take fans through significant moments in Ronaldo’s illustrious career, tapping into the growing demand for unique digital assets.

Ronaldo excited his fans on May 24 with a tweet, “Are you ready to relive our journey together? My 4th NFT Collection on Binance is launching soon!” Binance echoed this excitement, teasing the crypto community with the collaboration.

Ronaldo’s NFT journey began in November 2022, debuting his first collection on Binance. This marked the start of a multi-year partnership, showcasing iconic moments from his career. The rarest items from this collection fetched nearly $10,000.

However, their partnership has faced challenges. In December 2023, Ronaldo was named in a class-action lawsuit alleging that his NFT promotions led to significant customer losses. Additionally, Binance recently settled a $4 billion dispute with US regulators, resulting in CEO Changpeng Zhao stepping down.

Despite these legal issues, Ronaldo and Binance avoided commenting directly on the lawsuit. Instead, Ronaldo hinted at upcoming projects with Binance, heightening anticipation for the new collection.

The new NFT collection launches on May 29 on Binance. It will highlight key moments from Ronaldo’s career, continuing the successful partnership that began in November 2022. Even with previous legal challenges, the partnership remains strong.

Ronaldo’s new NFT collection represents another significant intersection of sports and digital art. This launch also navigates recent legal and regulatory challenges, underscoring the resilience of both Ronaldo and Binance in the evolving digital asset landscape.

Ronaldo’s fourth NFT collection on Binance is highly anticipated. The collection not only celebrates his career but also highlights the ongoing demand for unique digital assets. Despite past legal issues, the collaboration between Ronaldo and Binance continues to thrive, promising fans a unique journey through Ronaldo’s career.