NFL Season Kickoff: Reddit Drops NFT Collectible Avatars


  • Reddit has launched a significant collection of NFT-backed avatars coinciding with the NFL season kickoff.
  • Each “Snoo” NFT avatar costs $25 and is limited to 500 per NFL team, allowing fans to express their team pride.
  • New England Patriots’ avatars are the most popular so far, with 41 out of 500 sold, followed by the Chiefs and Eagles.

As the NFL season kicks off with the Detroit Lions facing the Kansas City Chiefs, Reddit has unveiled a substantial collection of NFT-backed avatars, marking one of their largest releases of Collectible Avatars to date. Each of these digital assets, known as “Snoo” NFTs, is priced at $25 and limited to 500 per NFL team.

These NFT avatars offer football enthusiasts a unique way to showcase their team pride within Reddit’s vibrant community discussions, particularly in popular subreddits like r/NFL and r/NFCEastMemeWar. Reddit had previously introduced a free set of NFL-themed avatars during the league’s championship game in February.

The New England Patriots currently lead the pack in popularity, with 41 out of 500 NFT avatars already sold. The Chiefs and Eagles closely follow, while the Carolina Panthers and Indianapolis Colts have only seen five purchases each, according to Reddit’s shop page.

Reddit’s venture into the world of NFTs began last summer when it chose Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network known for its cost-effective and speedy transactions, as its preferred platform. Since then, Reddit has continued to expand its NFT offerings, resulting in a staggering 22 million collectible avatars minted, held by 18 million unique holders, as reported on the crypto analytics platform Dune.

The intersection of sports fandom and digital assets has been highlighted in surveys, such as one from Seton Hall University last year, which revealed that sports fans are twice as likely to own cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs.

These Reddit NFT collectibles are securely stored within users’ Vaults, which are digital wallets integrated into the Reddit mobile app. The platform has also introduced other crypto-related features, including community-specific tokens, which are all conveniently managed within the Vault.

Reddit’s latest release of NFL-themed NFT avatars offers fans an exciting way to engage with their favorite teams and communities on the platform. With the growing popularity of digital collectibles and the strong connection between sports enthusiasts and cryptocurrencies, it’s no surprise that Reddit is diving deeper into the world of NFTs, providing its users with innovative ways to express their team spirit.