Reddit and NFL launches 500K Super Bowl LVII collectible avatars


  • Reddit has announced a partnership with the National Football League (NFL) regarding Super Bowl-inspired NFTs.
  • 500K Super Bowl LVII collectible avatars were launched on February 6, 2023.
  • The non-fungible tokens are free and every user will get only one avatar.

Reddit has joined the National Football League for Super Bowl-based non-fungible tokens for two finalists competing against each other. 500,000 limited edition Super Bowl LVII collectible avatars have been minted. The avatars went live on February 6, 2023. Before the Super Bowl event that’s scheduled for February 13, fans can pick a free NFT avatar.

Customized football avatars are launched in the colors of the Philadelphia and Kansas City teams to enable users to offer their support. Avatars can be chosen from a total of four teams- Eagles, The Champs, LVII Super Fans and Chiefs.

The collection is available on the OpenSea marketplace too. On December 16, 2022, the highest number of minted NFTs were registered on Reddit, with the total number being 479,878. With 312,513 NFTs stamped on February 7, the Super Bowl-run mint’s place is currently second. 

The excessive NFT minting related to Reddit during the last two months happened right before its collaboration with the NFL regarding the NFT offer. 

Between December 12 and February 7, Reddit minted over 4 million non-fungible tokens. Moreover, in less than two months, the number of avatar owners increased from 306K to 1,789 million. On Polygon, Reddit has around 9 million NFT avatars. 

Interestingly, most of the Reddit users are football fans. Reportedly, the social media platform has massive 411 million monthly views in football communities with 195 million monthly views for r/NFL. Last year, Reddit had a yearly rise of 32% in Super Bowl discussions. 

It won’t be wrong to say that the recent launch of collectible, non-fungible avatars shows Reddit’s intention of monetizing concepts known to its users. This is incredibly great for users who are most engaged on Reddit. 

The launch has taken place right after two years of the launch of the Avatar Builder platform. Users can update with exclusive parts that they can buy on-site. 

Reddit Avatars is definitely a trending project, which will keep the interest and engagement rate intact. d