Crypto Users Skeptical as Reddit Unveils Fourth Gen Collectible Avatars


  • Reddit’s fourth generation avatar release sparks division within the community.
  • Crypto users express skepticism due to previous issues with avatar launches.
  • Concerns over bot purchases and interface problems persist among users.

Reddit’s much-anticipated release of its fourth generation of collectible avatars has left the community divided once again. Despite previous criticisms of Gen 3, the social media platform is moving ahead with its latest NFT avatar launch on July 26, with prices ranging from $4.99 to $199.99.

While some users have lauded the artwork, claiming it’s “worth dying for,” a considerable number have voiced their dissatisfaction with the move. The crypto community remains skeptical, especially given the issues faced with previous avatar releases.

One of the major concerns is the possibility of repeat bot purchases. Users are seeking assurances about enhanced bot protection going forward, to ensure fair access to the avatars for genuine collectors. The freezing of the interface during the buying process has also been a point of contention, often resulting in NFTs selling out before transactions can be completed.

Another significant criticism is the perception that this latest avatar release is merely a money grab. The community questions Reddit’s motives, wondering if it’s prioritizing profits over the interests of its users and artists.

Adding fuel to the fire, a compilation prepared by certain users revealed that the avatar collection includes work from other artists, raising ethical questions about proper credit and compensation.

Cool Cats, an NFT collection, has announced its participation in this new avatar release, potentially garnering further mixed reactions from the community.

It’s evident that the initial excitement surrounding Reddit’s avatars has diminished over time, as the platform faces mounting backlash from its once-enthusiastic crypto users.

Reddit’s decision to launch Gen 4 of its collectible avatars has been met with both praise and disapproval. As the platform navigates through the crypto community’s divided opinions, it remains to be seen how the release will unfold and whether Reddit can address the concerns raised by its users.