Ducati Teams up with Web3Pro and XRP Ledger for NFT Debut


  • Ducati partners with Web3Pro and XRP Ledger for NFT-based digital transformation.
  • NFTs will transcend Ducati’s legacy globally, engaging tech-savvy enthusiasts.
  • Free collectible NFTs for loyal fans, foster community-building and trust.

Revving up its engines for a groundbreaking digital transformation, Ducati, the iconic motorcycle manufacturer, has joined forces with Web3Pro, a cutting-edge B2B SaaS platform, and the XRP Ledger blockchain to revolutionize its relationship with fans. In an unprecedented move, they are set to launch a series of NFTs commemorating Ducati’s storied legacy and promising future.

The driving force behind this innovative initiative is to transcend the physical confines of the Ducati museum in Borgo Panigale, Bologna, Italy, and catapult its heritage into the vast Web3 realm. Through these captivating NFTs, enthusiasts worldwide can now embark on a virtual journey, relishing the brand’s illustrious past like never before.

Fueling the ignition, the initial NFT drop will present an enthralling film chronicling the evolution of Ducati emblems adorning gas tanks since 1946. As a gesture of appreciation to loyal fans, this collectible will be airdropped for free, marking a remarkable foray into the world of digital memorabilia.

Enthusiasts can secure their spot in this groundbreaking journey by signing up on the waiting list for exclusive access to the Web3 portal curated by Ducati. Not only does this ensure participation in the forthcoming NFT launch, but it also promises access to future program enhancements and developments.

Having declared its entry into the Web3 arena in July 2022, Ducati has its sights set on attracting a new generation of tech-savvy enthusiasts. By embracing innovative technologies, products, and services, Ducati seeks to keep its timeless legacy alive, cherished by enthusiasts young and old alike.

The synergy between Ducati’s timeless craftsmanship and the cutting-edge blockchain technology of Web3Pro has the potential to steer the brand into uncharted territories. Consequently, this digital metamorphosis is expected to significantly elevate the brand’s global visibility and engagement with fans.

Moreover, by leveraging the blockchain-powered XRP Ledger, Ducati ensures the utmost security and transparency, fostering trust among collectors and aficionados alike.

Ducati’s bold move signals a roaring embrace of the digital age, as it pioneers a new era of connectivity and community-building. However, it is more than just a ride into the future; it represents a testament to Ducati’s unyielding commitment to preserving its rich heritage while venturing into the vast and ever-evolving Web3 landscape.