Blur is expected to gain a billion-dollar valuation


  • In conversation with investors, the startup’s valuation increased to a unicorn level.
  • As per reports, Blur approached potential funders with a $700 million price estimate.
  • The round takes place while Blur’s anticipated native token makes its debut.

OpenSea‘s main competitor in the NFT industry, Blur, is about to finish a fundraising round valued at one billion dollars.

After investors discussed the project first-hand, the startup’s valuation increased to unicorn levels. According to sources, Blur first reached out to possible backers with the expectation of raising $15 million to $30 million. This was followed by the $700 million estimate when the round got overrun.

The announcement of the fundraising attempt coincides with Blur’s anticipated native token launch, which is scheduled to begin at 12:00 ET on February 14. The firm recently reported raising money in March 2022, when its $11 million initial round included investors Paradigm, eGirl Capital, 0xMaki, and LedgerStatus.

With considerable anticipation from the NFT community, the marketplace debuted in the middle of October, snatching up a position in a rapidly-growing competitive market.

Blur is renowned for its low transaction fees and floor cleaning feature. According to statistics from The Block Research, it overtook leader OpenSea to become the third-largest NFT market by volume in January.

Its frequent airdrops, which awarded blur tokens to traders with varying degrees of interaction with the site since its introduction, may have contributed to its ascent to fame. The company has organized three airdrops but needs to outline a long-term strategy for the tokens.

In January, Blur said that it would postpone the release of its token because “an extra two weeks would allow us to offer a launch that hasn’t been done before.”