Ballon d’Or Football award offers its winners NFTs


  • Ballon d’Or Football awards will reward its winners with NFTs.
  • The winners will receive digital tokens along with their shining trophies.
  • The French accolade is planning to enter the NFT world with this initiative.

The 66-year-old French accolade is moving into the NFT space. Ballon d’Or Football awards have announced that it will award its individual winners NFTs. The award organizers told AFP that the winners will also receive digital tokens with their gleaming trophies.

The Ballon d’Or Football award is the most renowned award in the world for football players. It is run by the Equipe media group who honors the best football players every year with a golden football-shaped trophy.

This year Equip thought of digitalizing the awards and doing something different and innovative. Observing the craze for NFTs worldwide, the award organizers decided to offer NFTs to the winners. They will also sell hundreds of these NFTs to the public.

Lionel Messi has won the Ballon d’Or Football award a record-breaking seven times. While Cristiano Ronaldo has won it five times.