10 influential sports NFT collections for sports fanatics

As much as new projects and highest selling records are a valuable part of the NFT space, best collections and owning them are other crucial aspects. Ever since humans were born, sports have made a special place in their lives. 

In recent times, renowned sports celebrities have shown support towards NFT projects, which has added more to the value and status of NFTs owing to which a kind of craze has been noticed among sports fans. 

Keeping sports as the focus, here’s a list of top 10 NFT collections that are a must to know for all sports fans across the globe. 

1. NBA Top Shot

Based on the Flow blockchain, NBA Top Shot is popular as the gold standard in the wide space of sport NFT collections that was released in July 2019. It was introduced as the digital replication of conventional trading card culture and has been at the forefront of the curve right from its inception. As of now, the average selling price of cards in high demand is $68,000.

2. MLB Champions

It was started in 2018 not only as an NFT collectibles platform but as a real game. No matter the game came to an end in 2020, on secondary markets, the minted MLB Champions NFTs are now traded. 

The avatars are available in multiple poses and look like bobblehead figures. Their floor price at present is 0.00405 ETH. MLB Champions is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

3. Sorare

Launched in 2019, Sorare is a platform to gather soccer NFTs besides basketball and baseball. Based on the Starkware blockchain and backed by Antoine Griezmann and Gerard Pique, Sorare allows fans to purchase trading cards from players worldwide. Through the cards, fans can handle virtual teams. 

This year, the community has expanded further into other sports. Success of Sorare can be measured from the fact that what began as a soccer NFT project has now collaborated with names like NBA and MBL for the release of games and NFTs especially for basketball and baseball fans. 

4. Torque Squad

It was initially created for the motorsport community on the Ethereum blockchain. Not only has it released the motor racing NFT collection recently but the collection has also impressed collectors by delivering real utilities.

Torque Squad looks like a passionate project backed by Animoca Brands, since it allows owners to win tickets to the F1 Grand Prix events and has ample goodies in store. With a place in the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, this one is what we call a promising collection. 

5. Cristiano Ronaldo Binance NFTs

Prior to the FIFA World Cup 2022, Cristiano Ronaldo released his very first NFT collection on the BNB chain and enabled fans to get hands on a total of 1,562, 199 NFTs. The collection has seven animated statues representing the superstar in legendary moments and the collectibles have been categorized in four different levels. Each level comes with its own unique benefits including a personal message from Ronaldo. 

With the CR7 NFT collection released, the auction has started too. The floor price was 0.02 BNB and each NFT was open for bidding.

6. NFL All Day 

This one is NBA Top Shot’s American football version and the platform looks exactly the same. Dapper Labs intends to create the same buzz every time a new collection drops. 

The collection engaged the sports community with Web3 despite not having reputed players and high prices. Noteworthy NFT moments have been licensed and fans have the freedom to keep them as well as trade them depending on their choice. NFL All Day is based on the Flow blockchain and has a Pat Mahomes’ NFT as the highest recorded sales for $30,000. 

7. WNBA Top Shot

The Women’s National Basketball Association, WNBA, represents NBA Top Shot’s women’s league version. A Flow blockchain based project, it allows accumulating remarkable moments of WNBA’s best players. 

Obviously, WNBA is backed by the NBA and has made its name among the most crucial women-inspired NFT projects. 

8. Socios

The list has one more soccer NFT project, which is based on the Chiliz blockchain and is named after the Spanish support-run soccer teams members. The project has appointed Lionel Messi as the global brand ambassador. Throughout this year, Socios announced that a number of biggest soccer teams such as Barcelona, Benfica and Fluminense will join the project. 

For fans, there’s this Socios app where they can oversee as well as purchase Fan Tokens and seek access to an extensive range of perks and rewards. 

A fan who wins the forthcoming competition of Socios will get the Wanda Metropolitano stadium’s hallowed turf as the prize.

9. DeRace

An amazing NFT project for sports fans, DeRace is an NFT horse racing metaverse. The platform has its personal currency, DERC and has collaborated with Chainlink, Animoca Brands and Binance. 

The Ethereum based collection allows players to utilize their NFTs and run in races. The current floor price of the horse avatars’ is 0.692 ETH. For the winning nag, there are prize pools with exciting rewards. 

10. The Association

The Association is among the initial dynamic NFT collections in the sports world. The NBA launched it in April 2022 and the project has turned into a huge success. 

The assets represent performance of both teams and players in every season. Having said that, the NFTs change in value as well as in appearance based on new traits. The project is based on the Ethereum blockchain.